Genesis Exchange

Genesis exchange is a decentralized cryptocurrencies trading platform that offers traders with multiple features. Traders can buy, sell and exchange cryptocurrencies for one another. They can even buy cryptos using fiat currencies or can covert cryptos back into fiat currencies. Our exchange platform is easy to use, facilitating novice and pro traders with great liquidity options.

Easy To Transact

We are committed to providing an easy-to-use mobile crypto wallet application that will enable its users to send, receive, store, spend, exchange /swap and stake crypto tokens as per the users convenience at any time

No Fear Of Loss

Our mobile wallet is a user-friendly multi-crypto mobile application that is simpler and safer. The users will be able to securely store their crypto coins to use them for transactions on a P2P level without any third-party intermediaries

Earn Staking Rewards

For every transaction done within our services, the token holder will be rewarded for holding the tokens by staking them. The staking process allows users to earn rewards by holding up tokens to participatein securing the network.



Providing liquidity is one of the prime parameters of any exchange to start operation. The traders do not like to engage with exchanges that do not provide enough liquidity. A shallow order book can cause high slippage, which in turn becomes very expensive for traders. Our team has rigorous finance and crypto industry experience and has an extensive network of partners in the space which is a key factor in bootstrapping the exchange.


Many of the traders in the crypto market are new to investment in the decentralized space and are not so familiar with crypto currencies and trading. Exchange is the first entry point when a novice investor tries to discover crypto currency investment. Therefore, an exchange needs to have an intuitive interface for both novice and pro traders. We are coming up with an exchange platform that is easy to use and does not hold any complexities. Moreover, it will be built high standards to ensure security in the first place.