Genesis Wallet

The Genesis blockchain lab wallets are going to support trade, buy, and exchange of blockchain assets. Multiple transactions are going to be possible for users everyday. Customers will be able to choose a subscription based monthly plan rather than paying a specific fee for each transaction. This reduces the hassle of paying some amount during every transaction and the subscription also reduces the overall transaction fee.

Easy To Transact

We are committed to providing an easy-to-use mobile crypto wallet application that will enable its users to send, receive, store, spend, exchange /swap and stake crypto tokens as per the users convenience at any time

No Fear Of Loss

Our mobile wallet is a user-friendly multi-crypto mobile application that is simpler and safer. The users will be able to securely store their crypto coins to use them for transactions on a P2P level without any third-party intermediaries

Earn Staking Rewards

For every transaction done within our services, the token holder will be rewarded for holding the tokens by staking them. The staking process allows users to earn rewards by holding up tokens to participatein securing the network.


Future Plan For Genesis Wallet

Genesis Labs is planned to provide excellent crypto currency application scenarios like desktop crypto wallet sand a full-fledged decentralized crypto exchange that will help mass adoption of crypto currencies. We aim to facilitate buying and selling regular investments, such as stock, bonds, mutual funds and tokenized stocks from a single wallet. The users will directly be able to trade everything in one place.

Tokenized Stocks

Tokenized stocks are digital assets that users can trade on various licensed exchange platforms using blockchain technology. They are basically a type of derivative of an underlying stock that does not offer that holder any ownership in the underlying equity. Instead, it is a mirrored asset of the underlying stock, that is redeemable for the actual. In addition, they come with the feature of fractionalized stock ownership, wherein the investors can buy a fraction of a share of that particular stock.